All the functions to launch and run an SPV, at your fingertips

Structuring & tokenization

Easily create digital SPVs with speed, efficiency, and low cost. The platform uses blockchain to automate the process of creating and managing SPV shares, ensuring a streamlined experience.

Legal & regulatory setup

Get access to legal templates, customizable agreements, and an audit trail of signatures. Licensed setup services are available through our partners if you need to meet regulatory requirements.


Streamline your fundraising by inviting your network to participate. Investors can access a private asset page with all relevant information, including a digital data room with key documents.

Investor engagement

Efficiently keep your investors informed in one place by sharing updates on the platform. Opt-in to blockchain-native functions, such as DAO-like voting, to increase transparency and participation.

Fund administration

Simplify subscription and redemption processes with fully digital fund administration. Informative dashboards are available for cash management, NAV updates, transaction tracking and much more.

Transactions & banking

Manage your SPV’s cash with your own segregated and named bank account, integrated with the platform. We support multiple currencies, making it easy to invest and manage funds globally.

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