Explore, invest, manage, and trade 

alternative assets that shatter convention

Uncertainty is Expensive

With EVIDENT, you can explore, invest, manage, and trade alternative assets that empower you to make real-world impact.
Private markets, historically outperforming their public counterparts, are at the forefront of challenges like decarbonizing the global economy. When focused on solving challenges like this, they offer the investment opportunities of our lifetime.
  • Direct exposure to single assets
  • Low investment minimums
  • Secondary market liquidity
  • Handpicked deals sourced globally
Attractive returns + unique investments that will let you sleep a little better at night?
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Wealth Meets Meaning

EVIDENT offers hand-picked alternative assets that drive impact without the pretense.
Handpicked Investment Horizons

At EVIDENT, we zero in on assets that resonate. Our team’s conviction is your shortcut to impact-driven returns.

Top-Tier Assets

Quality assets, tailored to your ambitious appetite.

Capital with Character

Your investments echo your ambitions. Craft a legacy envied by many, matched by few.

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Experience firsthand how you can tokenize anything it and make it investable using EVIDENT’s proprietary tokenization simulator.

Your Tokenized Future

We harness the power of asset tokenization as an enabler of accessible, efficient and liquid investing. This allows us to manage all the complexities and keep investing easy and transparent for you.

  • Fast signup process

    No paperwork or lengthy processes required. Get your account funded in minutes with fiat or crypto currency.

  • Affordable minimums

    With EVIDENT you get to decide how much exposure is right for you, without high investment minimums.

  • Keep fees in check

    Our advanced digital processes allow us to keep fees low and easy to understand for each transaction.

  • Cash out anytime

    Unlike in traditional private markets, investing on EVIDENT works without a lengthy subscription process and lock-ups. You can easily buy and sell assets just like trading a stock or NFT.

EVIDENT makes it easy for you to

launch an SPV onlinebecome an asset ownerco-invest with your networkraise capital utilizing asset tokenization

From structuring to investor engagement, we provide a one-stop solution for investors and founders to digitalize their process of raising and managing capital.
Our digital solutions allow you to run a professional setup on auto-pilot — so you can focus on closing deals.
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Book a demo

Fill in the form below to book a demo with our Investment Solution Experts.

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