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Your investment portfolio has the power to show the world who you are and what matters to you.

At Evident, we give you direct access to impactful, hand-picked alternative investments in startups, infrastructure, carbon credits, the arts, and more. Carefully vetted by our team of experts who know you want something ambitious that is out of reach for most today, now you can let your assets do the talking for you.

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It’s no secret that private markets have consistently outperformed public markets.

The best investment opportunities right now are in assets that provide the answers to some of today’s most challenging problems.

At Evident, you get the opportunity to generate returns from alternatives and diversify your portfolio, all while sleeping a little easier knowing your money is hard at work supporting the ambitious founders who make it possible.

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Let your investments speak for you

As an investor on Evident, you will fund initiatives that provide solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face, as well as some of the most inspiring and innovative.

  • PioneerBe first to get access to unique, hand-picked alternative assets carefully vetted by our team of experts
  • Explorer – Support groundbreaking solutions and enjoy higher returns on your investments
  • InitiatorEstablish a presence in our Web3 community and exert your influence to determine which assets get onboarded next

Connect with founders and leaders like you

Being an investor on Evident means joining a Web3 community of other founders and leaders who are proud of all they’ve built and are always asking the question “What’s next?”.

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet where platforms are owned by communities of builders and users like you. When you invest and contribute on Evident you’ll earn credits which will allow you to vote on important platform decisions and can be used to pay for services or traded for cash in the near future.

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How it works

We harness the power of asset tokenization as an enabler of accessible, efficient and liquid investing. This allows us to manage all the complexities and keep investing easy and transparent for you.

  • Fast signup process

    No paperwork or lengthy processes required. Get your account funded in minutes with fiat or crypto currency.

  • Affordable minimums

    With Evident you get to decide how much exposure is right for you, without high investment minimums.

  • Keep fees in check

    Our advanced digital processes allow us to keep fees low and easy to understand for each transaction.

  • Cash out anytime

    Unlike in traditional private markets, investing on Evident works without a lengthy subscription process and lock-ups. You can easily buy and sell assets just like trading a stock or NFT.

The Assets

Discover a wide variety of investment opportunities in alternative assets and build your personal impact portfolio. Here is a sample of assets you can invest in with Evident.

A climate-aligned LNG carrier transporting liquefied natural gas globally. Gain exposure to a ship in minutes and earn dividend yield of up to 15%.
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CCER Digital Carbon Credits
Invest in high-integrity Carbon Credits, a market estimated to grow by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 as we transition to decarbonize our global economy. This pilot demonstrates a commitment to supporting climate action by facilitating an efficient Carbon Credits market built on blockchain technology. Keep holding this asset as an investment or use it to reduce your carbon footprint by receiving an offset certificate secured on blockchain.
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Are you an asset owner?

Bring momentum to your asset on Evident

Our mission includes offering a better way for ambitious founders to raise capital and have a platform to engage with their supporters. We want you to stay focused on the solutions your business is here to provide while we handle all aspects of financing, investor engagement and asset servicing.

Earn more as an Asset Owner

Our goal is to help you build a successful business so we can increase our impact collectively. This is why we share fee earnings with you as an Asset Owner. Each transaction includes Asset Owner earnings, which means you will get paid in real-time, every time your asset is invested or traded on Evident.

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