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We are sticking to our original timelines of going live in March. As such, we made some more enhancements in our platform for improving the features and user experience for our Investors.

Below are the changes we made in our platform:

1. KYC Process Enhancements
Impacted Pages: Identification Page
Reason for Change: Easier Onboarding and navigation between steps of Onboarding
Benefits: This will help in making the process of KYC more streamlined by allowing users to go for more detailed Pro-KYC only if they want access to premium services. 

2. Asset details access for unverified and US users
Impacted Pages: Asset Details Page
Reason for Change:  Access to asset details would help in generating more interest in communityBenefits: We are now allowing all users (even unverified/US persons) to explore all Assets on platform which would help in increasing the traction of Platform with potential users as they are able to view assets without KYC and understand the various investment opportunities available on Evident. However, we are still barring them from Trading until they complete KYC for maintaining legal compliance.

3. Asset trading fractionalization support for 3 digits post decimal
Impacted Pages: Asset Trade page
Reason for change: More flexibility for buying/selling
Benefits: We also updated our blockchain process to support fractionalization of Asset units up to 3 digits post decimal. As a result, while trading, Investors can sell/buy in multiple of 0.001 units of any Asset. Thus, with high worth assets, Investors would be able to trade in smaller quantities and thus in smaller amounts.

4. Password reset process update
Impacted: Mail notification for Password reset
Reason for change: Adhering to Industry standard practices for enhancing security for users
Benefits: In our bid to make our system more secured and following industry wide standards, we have made enhancements to our mail notification for resetting password when an Investor clicks on “Forgot Password” during logging in. Earlier, we were sending a temporary password but now we will be sending a link for resetting password.

5. Banner for funding wallet in case of low balance
Impacted Pages: All pages of platform
Reason for change: Easier wallet funding and reminder for Investors
Benefits: When an Investor’s funds go below 1 USDE, we will display a banner at top of page to prompt the user for funding their wallet. This would help Investors in easily maintaining proper balance in their wallets for trading on Evident.

As promised, we will continue in our endeavor to improve Evident and make it more reliable, fast and easy-to-use. Stay tuned !
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