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Great News !!

We have launched our marketing website and you can now take a glimpse into the assets coming soon on our platform.

On our trading website, we made further enhancements on all fronts Front-End, Back-End and Algorand to guarantee better user experience and security. Below are the details of the changes made recently:

1. Algorand Process Enhancements
Impacts: Trading process update, Fee and USDE management changes
Reason for Change: Legal compliance and enhanced security
Benefits: We have updated our blockchain process to be more legally compliant by setting up different accounts for collecting trading fee, treasury of USDE and Asset tokens in reserve. We have set up few of our operational accounts as non-custodial accounts which will ensure that no one can access or transfer funds without manual approval from Custodian/Treasurer.

2. Mail Notification Updates
Impacts: Mail Notifications received by Investors and Asset Owners
Reason for Change: More personalized, detailed and engaging content
Benefits: In order to make our mail notifications more engaging, detailed and visually appealing, we have updated the trigger points and mail templates. Now, users would be able to see more customized content and details for connecting with support team have also been added for easier creation and resolution of issues.

3. New Service Requests Page
Impacts: New page for Investors to view and track their Service Request tickets
Reason for Change: Easier perusal and tracking of service tickets
Benefits: With this new page, Investor can view all of their Service Requests and click on any row to display the complete details of that ticket. The details available to Investors include Request Type, Status, Asset Details, Comments from Admins, User Id, Blockchain ID (if applicable) and timestamps of ticket creation and updates.

4. Enhancement in Wallet Page
Impacts: New tab for viewing past Add Funds and Withdraw Funds tickets
Reason for Change: Easier perusal and tracking of funding / withdrawal request
Benefits: We added a new tab in Wallet page which will contain the details of all funding and withdrawal requests created by Investor. They can view the Request Type (Funding or Withdrawal), Status, Comments from Admin, Blockchain ID (in success scenarios) and timestamps of ticket. As such, Investors can get a consolidated view of their monetary transactions on Evident.

5. Asset URL sharing using URL Shortening 
Impacts: Asset Sharing function on every Asset Details page
Reason for Change: Easier sharing of  Asset details with friends/family
Benefits: On Asset Details page of every Asset, we have introduced a share button. Clicking on this button will provide a short url which can be easily shared over any messaging app by Investors. As such, Investors would be able to share details of lucrative assets with their friends and family members and help make an impact.

6. Queue Implementation for trades
: Trading Process
Reason for Change: Faster processing
Benefits: In a bid to make process of trading a bit faster for Investors, we have implemented queues. With such a change, Investors can Make/Take offers which will go to queue. The queue will process the order in backend and meanwhile the Investors will be redirected back to original Asset Trade page. Once the order gets processed, the updated data will be displayed for Investors in My Holdings and wallet balance.

As promised, we will continue in our endeavor to improve Evident and make it more reliable, fast and easy-to-use. Stay tuned !

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