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It takes one dream, one team, and the relentless pursuit of getting closer to our goals, one step at a time.
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EVIDENT is the result of Florian Spiegl, our Founder & CEO, an investor and entrepreneur himself, who first saw a major problem with modern investing: access.

Regular investors are excluded from the most interesting investments in alternative assets such as startups, infrastructure, carbon credits or art. This blocks much of the capital needed to solve some of the most challenging problems facing us today.

Where we start

We start with supporting ambitious, risk-taking entrepreneurs (sound familiar?) building companies or making early-stage investments. EVIDENT offers a powerful infrastructure making it easy, fast and affordable to launch and manage SPVs and investment vehicles for both fundraising and pooling money to invest together. We help you free up your time to focus on what you do best – closing deals and driving growth.


EVIDENT’s mission is to channel more capital to where it matters. Once licensed, many of the tokenized SPVs our clients set up will be made available for third parties to invest in on our platform. By connecting investors and founders, we make it easier for these initiatives to receive the funding and attention they deserve.

We won’t just throw around words like purpose and impact either. Through our choice of the assets we onboard and support, we’ll show you what this means to each of us at EVIDENT and why.

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