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EVIDENT wins the global Algorand Pitch Competition, hosted by Algorand in Hyderabad, India. Competing against 48 innovative teams, our victory serves as an endorsement of our cutting-edge technology and reflects our ongoing journey from a startup idea to a market-responsive solution. We take this not just as a win; it’s concrete validation that we’re on the right path to reshape alternative asset investing.

Team Excellence

Our team’s skill and dedication were on full display at the competition. Vandana Jain, Hemant Singhi, and Tejas Parikh showcased the technical acumen and innovative spirit that have been the cornerstones of our growth. Their dedication and energy behind building exceptional solutions exemplifies why EVIDENT stands out.

Strategic Partnership with Algorand

Algorand’s blockchain architecture offers unique advantages, such as scalability, security, and transaction finality, making it an ideal match for EVIDENT’s fully licensed and regulated operation. These features are vital in achieving our goal of revolutionizing alternative asset investing, and we’re actively exploring further use-cases within the Algorand ecosystem. EVIDENT and Algorand agreed on a closer partnership, for example on joint projects that contribute to innovation in the finance sector, with a particular focus on India.

Real-world Impact on Alternative Asset Investing

This victory serves as an additional layer of validation for our mission: leveraging blockchain to revolutionize access to alternative assets. We’ve moved beyond rhetoric and are operationalizing change, as evidenced by our initiatives in digital SPVs and real-world asset tokenization.

Forward-Looking Technology Stack

Our technology infrastructure is blockchain protocol agnostic, but this win affirms our evaluation of Algorand as a robust Layer-1 blockchain. We continuously assess the strengths of various blockchain protocols to align with user needs and regulatory requirements. Importantly, this technology stack has real-world implications. It enables and is the cornerstone of the ability to offer vastly more efficient investment structures that can be used to broaden access to impactful investments, thereby channeling more capital to meaningful ventures and projects.

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