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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are not just another financial innovation; they’re a pivotal tool for startup founders looking to simplify and optimize their capital-raising efforts. SPVs offer an array of advantages: a streamlined fundraising process, access to a diverse set of investors, and, most importantly, greater control over your startup’s future. But what if we could augment these benefits? At EVIDENT, we have reimagined SPVs through the prism of digitalization and tokenization, thereby creating a new paradigm for fundraising. This guide aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of traditional SPVs, the additional advantages offered by EVIDENT’s tokenized SPVs, and crucial considerations for implementation.

Benefits of SPVs for Startup Founders

Simplified Fundraising

The primary lure of SPVs is the simplicity they bring to fundraising. When using an SPV, multiple investors contribute to a single entity, which in turn, invests in your startup. This aggregation makes capital management considerably easier, reducing the complex web of individual agreements and negotiations to a singular, focused effort.

Diverse Investor Base

With SPVs, the bar for minimum investments is often lower, opening the door for a wider spectrum of investors to participate. High-net-worth individuals, angel investors, and even retail investors find it easier to be part of your vision. The diversified base can also infuse a range of perspectives and skills that might benefit your business in the long run.

Greater Control

One of the unspoken fears for startup founders is losing control of their vision. SPVs mitigate this by concentrating the ownership stakes into one entity. Consequently, the SPV, and not multiple investors, engages in governance and decision-making processes, providing you with a more coherent and manageable relationship with your shareholder base.

EVIDENT’s Tokenized SPVs: A New Level of Efficiency and Flexibility

Enhanced Liquidity

What if your investors could trade their stakes as easily as buying a book online? Tokenization transforms illiquid assets into tradable tokens, potentially enabling a vibrant secondary market for your startup’s equity. This not only attracts investors looking for more liquidity but can also offer you additional avenues for capital infusion.

Increased Transparency

EVIDENT’s platform ensures complete transparency, backed by immutable blockchain records. Every transaction, every share bought or sold, is available for scrutiny, thereby instilling investor confidence and maintaining the integrity of your fundraising process.

Streamlined Administration

Managing an SPV requires administrative diligence. However, the automation enabled through tokenization minimizes manual intervention, drastically reducing the resources dedicated to managing the SPV. This allows you to focus more on what truly matters: building your startup.

Considerations When Using an SPV for Fundraising


Whether it’s Delaware in the USA, the Cayman Islands, or Luxembourg, your choice of jurisdiction for setting up an SPV will have broad implications. Regulatory frameworks differ, and these can impact your startup in terms of tax liabilities and compliance obligations.

Professional Support

An SPV is not a ‘set it and forget it’ entity. Professional advice from legal and financial experts can help you navigate potential pitfalls, from structural issues to regulatory compliance, ensuring that your SPV aligns perfectly with your fundraising goals.


Despite the numerous advantages, SPVs do incur setup and operational costs. It’s essential to weigh these costs against the benefits to ensure that an SPV is the right strategy for your fundraising needs.

The Democratization of SPVs

Historically, SPVs were the domain of institutional investors and large funds. EVIDENT’s tokenized SPVs challenge this status quo by democratizing access, offering startups and investors alike a chance to partake in this efficient fundraising mechanism.

Future Innovations and Additional Benefits

Collateralization and Secondary Markets

Looking ahead, tokenized SPVs could potentially enable founders or employees to use their tokens as collateral for borrowing. Similarly, the creation of secondary markets could amplify the attractiveness of these investments.

Efficient Multi-Round Fundraising

Tokenized SPVs are designed for scale. They can serve as the base for future rounds of funding, eliminating the need to create new structures from scratch.

EVIDENT’s Vision

At EVIDENT, we believe that the traditional weeks-long fundraising process is ripe for disruption. Why not a week? With tokenized SPVs, this audacious vision is becoming a reality. It liberates founders to focus on what truly matters: building transformative ventures.


EVIDENT’s tokenized SPVs offer an evolved form of an already advantageous financial tool. When implemented thoughtfully, they can revolutionize fundraising for startups, offering a range of benefits from streamlined operations to greater financial flexibility. So, for founders who are ready to take their fundraising to the next level, the future is not just promising—it’s evident.

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