Unlock the Potential
of Carbon Credits

with asset tokenization and web3

EVIDENT Carbon revolutionizes the carbon credit market by leveraging blockchain technologyand asset tokenization, embodying the principles of web3 to provide a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly platform
Our end-to-end solution covers carbon credit issuance, investing, trading, and retirement, empowering investors and offsetters to achieve their sustainability goals with confidence

Features and Benefits


Immutable, blockchain-based records of all carbon issuance documents, ensuring authenticity and credibility


Access to a secondary market, enabling easy trading and rebalancing of carbon credit portfolios


Unique retirement proof tokens issued for each offset, providing tangible evidence of your impact


Source high-quality carbon credits from credible projects with ease


Comprehensive asset information and due diligence data rooms for informed decision-making


Tokenization enables investment in fractions of carbon credits, opening opportunities for all


Streamlined processes from issuance to retirement, including eKYC for account opening, removing paper-based inefficiencies and reducing costs

How it works


EVIDENT sources high-integrity carbon credits and independently validates their authenticity


Investors and offsetters explore our platform, accessing comprehensive information on available credits


Purchase carbon credits with low investment minimums and minimal fees


Trade credits on our secondary market, optimizing your portfolio with ease


Retire credits, receiving a retirement proof token that verifies your positive impact

VIDENT Carbon successfully completed a CCER carbon credit tokenization project, showcasing the platform’s capabilities and demonstrating the benefits of our innovative approach to carbon credit management.


SEWA, the Self-Employed Women’s Association, empowers over 2.1 million self-employed women in India across various sectors. With the support of the Algorand Foundation, AlgoBharat, the Clinton Foundation, and EVIDENT carbon, SEWA is poised to revolutionize the carbon credit market through blockchain technology. Our partnership enables these women to secure better rates for their carbon credits, further amplifying the positive effects of SEWA’s work in mitigating climate change and showcasing the immense value of carbon credits.

EVIDENT’s cutting-edge digital platform tokenizes and streamlines the trading of carbon credits, making the process more efficient, transparent, and accessible for small-scale farmers. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we create an immutable record of ownership and transaction histories, reducing fraud and increasing trust in the market. Together, we are committed to leveraging the potential of web3 to tackle the urgent global challenge of climate change.


How can I get started with EVIDENT Carbon?

Open a digital account and complete our quick and easy verification process. Fund your account securely through our licensed custodian, and explore carbon credits and projects that match your sustainability goals. Manage your carbon credit portfolio on the EVIDENT Carbon market, and retire credits flexibly with blockchain-based proof of retirement tokens, showcasing your dedication to environmental sustainability.

How does EVIDENT Carbon ensure the credibility of carbon credits?

We conduct rigorous due diligence on all projects and credits listed on our platform, including independent validation of project documentation, verification of emission reductions, and adherence to global standards. By tokenizing carbon credits on the blockchain, we provide an immutable record of all issuance documents, guaranteeing transparency and credibility throughout the entire lifecycle of the credit.

How does tokenization benefit carbon credit management?

By converting carbon credits into digital tokens on a blockchain, we can streamline processes, reduce costs, and facilitate market participation for both issuers and investors. Tokenization also enables fractional ownership, allowing for lower investment minimums and opening opportunities for a broader range of participants.

Can I track the history and transactions of a carbon credit token?

Our platform utilizes blockchain technology to create an immutable audit trail, which allows you to follow the carbon credit’s journey from issuance through trading to retirement. This level of transparency not only ensures authenticity but also aids in the prevention of fraud and issues like double spending.

What types of carbon credits can I find on EVIDENT Carbon’s platform?

EVIDENT Carbon offers a diverse range of high-integrity carbon credits from various project types. We source credits from credible projects that align with recognized global standards, ensuring the highest quality and integrity.

What are the fees associated with using EVIDENT Carbon’s platform?

Our platform’s fees are competitive and transparent, with minimal costs associated with account opening, trading, and retirement of carbon credits. The exact fee structure can be found on our platform, ensuring that users have a clear understanding of any charges they may incur while using EVIDENT Carbon.