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In the current financial landscape, digital investment structures are disrupting traditional norms. By leveraging asset tokenization and blockchain, asset managers can not only streamline operations but also innovate their investment products. This article takes a deeper look at what makes digital investment structures a compelling choice over their conventional counterparts.

The Digital Investment Structure: EVIDENT’s Enhanced Traditional Models

At its fundamental level, a digital investment structure translates real-world assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. While these tokens can signify diverse asset classes from art to shares in a private equity, their real magic lies in transforming traditional investment structures like funds and SPVs. Through automation and blockchain, EVIDENT elevates these traditional structures into hyper-efficient vehicles that drastically cut operational friction and cost.

The Role of Blockchain: Building a Trust Framework

Blockchain serves as the bedrock of digital investment structures. It assures complete transparency and trust among stakeholders. No longer is reliance on a central authority needed; the decentralized nature of blockchain allows every participant to independently verify transactions, thereby diminishing fraud and enhancing confidence.

Automation: Supercharging Efficiency and Compliance

In a digital investment structure, automation is not just a feature—it’s a game-changer. By employing smart contracts, EVIDENT automates multiple facets of asset management from compliance to fund administration. This paves the way for instant, transparent, and low-cost transactions, all while adhering to the strictest regulatory standards.

The One-Stop-Shop Approach of EVIDENT

What sets EVIDENT apart is its holistic solution for asset managers and owners. Our platform covers the full spectrum, from initial setup and structure, fund administration, to handling investor KYC and AML checks. Moreover, we offer specialized tools for asset owners, including the distribution of investor invitations and managing investor relations, all while being fully licensed to operate within the legal frameworks of capital markets.

Setting up and Managing a Digital Investment Structure on EVIDENT: A Guide for Asset Managers

Embarking on the journey to digital investment structures with EVIDENT is a streamlined experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk asset managers through the process:

1. Express Interest

The first step starts at EVIDENT’s website, where asset managers can indicate their interest in setting up a digital investment structure.

2. Consult with EVIDENT Experts

After the initial interest is recorded, a consultation session is scheduled with EVIDENT’s team of experts to discuss the specific needs, including optimal structuring, jurisdiction, and tax considerations.

3. Make the Decision

Once all the elements are reviewed and considered, the asset manager takes the decision to proceed with setting up the investment structure.

4. Structure Creation in Real Life

The selected investment structure is then created in the chosen jurisdiction, following all the legal and regulatory requirements.

5. Digitalization through Tokenization

This physical structure is digitalized by tokenizing the assets using EVIDENT’s platform, making it easily manageable and tradeable.

6. Access the Asset Manager Portal

The asset manager is granted access to EVIDENT’s Asset Manager Portal, which offers a comprehensive dashboard for managing the digital investment structure.

7. Utilize the Digital Investment Structure

With the structure set up, asset managers can proceed with various use-cases such as fundraising, injecting existing assets, or making assets tradable on the secondary market.

8. Lifecycle Management Support

Finally, EVIDENT’s Asset Manager Portal serves as a one-stop-shop for complete lifecycle management. From immutable audit trails to data reporting and fund administration tasks, every aspect is covered.

The Future of Fund Administration: A New Era Unveiled

With the advent of EVIDENT’s digital investment structures, traditional fund administration will be redefined. Tasks that were once resource-intensive are simplified, freeing up asset managers to concentrate on strategic imperatives rather than administrative chores.

Conclusion: EVIDENT’s Value Proposition in Digital Investment Structures

In the transition to a digital economy, EVIDENT stands at the forefront. We empower asset managers with reach, efficiency, and innovative capabilities, all at a fraction of the conventional cost. With EVIDENT, the future of asset management isn’t merely digitized; it’s revolutionized.

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