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The Imperative for Actionable Solutions in Private Markets Today

In today’s landscape, the application of technology often becomes the focus rather than solving real-world problems. In the realm of alternative asset investing, from private equity and venture capital to infrastructure finance and impact investing, we at EVIDENT have been committed from the outset to reshape this narrative. Our emphasis has been on flipping the script from an exclusive club to an open marketplace. By leveraging on-chain capital formation using asset tokenization, we’re making the world of private markets more accessible.

Demystifying On-Chain Capital Formation

On-chain capital formation is not just another buzzword; it represents a seismic shift in how capital is mobilized across borders. Enabled by the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, the digitalization of asset rights—whether those be startup shares or other forms of alternative investments—liberates these assets from fragmented systems and cumbersome paper trails. With these assets now being digitally native, and managed in Digital Investment Structures, it becomes feasible to create seamless, end-to-end digital processes that encompass everything from asset issuance to lifecycle management.

How does this work?

On-chain capital formation is a paradigm shift in how capital is managed, transitioning it into a fully digital process with blockchain technology at its core. In essence, it’s the process of migrating traditional capital management systems onto a blockchain, ensuring an end-to-end digitized oversight of assets. Practically speaking, assets are structured within specialized containers, such as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or fund structure. The rights and units within these structures are then digitally represented on the blockchain as tokens. While at a cursory glance, this might seem like just another digital database keeping tabs on asset ownership, it’s a profound transformation. By making these ownership rights inherently digital, we unlock the potential for programmable rights. This means the rights attached to these assets can be automated, allowing for dynamic, real-time responses based on predefined criteria or conditions. This leap from static asset rights to dynamic, programmable ones paves the way for unprecedented efficiency and versatility in capital management

The Advantages of Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming these processes allows for a high degree of automation, eliminating the inefficiencies and error-prone nature associated with manual operations. Moreover, this evolution effectively frees human capital from tedious tasks better suited for automated systems. The end result is a hyper-efficient, transparent, yet privacy-conscious environment that serves the interests of both asset owners and investors.

The Pillars of Trust and Efficiency

Trust as a Foundation

Trust is fundamental to any business transaction. In the context of blockchain technology, immutable records offer users the ability to independently verify data and transaction histories, thereby creating a transparent and secure information infrastructure. From investor pitch decks to financial statements, each piece of documentation is subject to scrutiny, with appropriate privacy measures where necessary. This architecture elevates the integrity and credibility of the investment process.

Operational Efficiency as an Enabler

Often overlooked, the operational aspect plays a vital role in democratizing alternative asset investing. A significant portion of our technological endeavors focuses on automating crucial yet mundane activities in funds and SPVs such as asset structuring, fund administration services, client servicing, and compliance reporting. Streamlining these functions is not just a backend exercise; it serves as a linchpin for greater market accessibility.

Moving Toward More Accessible Private Markets

Redefining the boundaries of what private markets have traditionally been, we transition from exclusivity to greater accessibility. Instead of being entranced by the theoretical potential of emerging technologies like blockchain, we adopt a pragmatic approach that leverages these tools for tangible, large-scale impact. The focus is not merely speculative; it is operational. We utilize on-chain capital formation as a key mechanism to bring substantive change to our industry.

The time for debating the readiness of new technologies like blockchain has passed. We are in a new chapter where these technologies are not just ready but are actively transforming industries. At the core of this transformation, in the realm of alternative asset investing, lies on-chain capital formation—a tool that is democratizing access to opportunities and instigating a substantive, tangible impact.

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